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Adriaan Swanepoel

Senior Software Architect


Dip Computer Science
Nothing is too complex to do, usually different people have already solved the parts, you just need to glue their solutions into one.
Adriaan Swanepoel

Adriaan Swanepoel

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Adriaan is a Senior Software Architect at SSW.

With over 15 years of experience in software engineering covering a range of industries and systems from industrial automation to high volume transactional systems and browser based embedded devices, Adriaan has a proven track record of delivering critical business systems and consumer products.

Adriaan has experience leading and managing software and hardware projects leading diverse teams of engineers made up of electronic engineers, software engineers, database administrators, designers, etc.

Although specialising in Web E-commerce solutions, Adriaan has extensive experience in Microsoft both pre and post .NET and loves working with C#, SQL Server, Azure, AngularJS, TypeScript and ASP.NET MVC.

When not developing solutions for clients Adriaan spends his time building IoT devices, including twitter driven birthday sparklers. https://youtu.be/NTrpr4kAFXc

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