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Bill Chen

Senior Software Developer


B. Bus - Accounting
I believe in sincerity and understanding which helps me make excellent software.
Bill Chen

Bill Chen

Bill is a Senior Software Developer at SSW. He specializes in developing solutions with .NET Framework 3.0/3.5, ASP.NET (perfers C# over VB.NET), Web Services and SQL Server. Like Adam, Bill has a business background and studied accounting at university, he learned programming all by himself. This background helps him to understand the corporate environment and build better solutions for his clients.

Bill is also interested in design and delivering the best user experience with Silverlight and Flash using Photoshop, Illustrator and now Microsoft Expression suite.

**Bill's internal projects: **

  • SSW Code Auditor - A powerful code auditing engine that support multiple rule types (such as Regular Expressions, wild cards, and code snippets) and multiple target types (such as Visual Studio projects, Microsoft Access Project, and website outputs) .
    Related Technology: C#, Regular Expression, XML, XSL, SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Sync Framework.
  • SSW eXtreme Emails - Outlook based task management system.
    Related Technology: VB.NET, VSTO 2005 SE, Windows Form, Outlook, XML, XSL.Framework.
  • [SSW Diagnostics](http://www.ssw.com.au/ssw/diagnostics/ "SSW Diagnostics") - Secondary master of Diagnostics. This simple, powerful and effective utility keeps your system up to date, and helps to resolve intricate software compatibility issues. To aid our developers in analyzing software related issues, it helps if we collect some basic information about your system. This utility will help you collect the relevant information easily.
    Related Technology: C#, XML, SQL Server 2008.

Favourite Quote:
His favourite quote is "To follow, without halt, one aim: There's the secret of success. "

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