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Chris Briggs

Senior Software Developer


Bachelor of Information Technology
You don't find buried treasure by sitting down.
Chris Briggs

Chris Briggs


Chris is a Senior Software Developer, who heads up IoT at SSW . Based in Brisbane , he's passionate about IoT, Scrum, Security, Windows Universal Apps and Xamarin. All the Devs at SSW have been asking Chris, what he thinks the Internet of Things will mean for their day to day lives? It ranges from the impossible to the improbable, from automating their coffee breaks, to telling them exactly when the next bus will arrive!

  • Worked with the Brisbane academic development community as a Microsoft Student Partner.
  • Background in security. Represented Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in the national Cyber Security Challenge Australia (CySCA) competitions for three years.
  • Chris worked on a software devolvement project that was demonstrated to a number of large companies in Jarkata, under the new Colombo plan
  • Three month internship with the Department of Defence, working with the Vulnerability Research team on a successful research project culminating in a presentation to Defence Executives.

    Chris's responsibilities include:**

  • Organising Hack Days
  • PiStriker Development
  • One of the developers actively working on TimePRO
  • Keeping Application Insight rules up to date

Chris's client projects include:

TimePro Web API: Wrote the Web API layer which was used for a new Angular application to integrate with the legacy TimePro code base. As a part of this project, he integrated an existing SQL Server Reporting Services server with Angular via Web API.

  • Technologies used: Web API & SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Sugar Learning: **Worked **on a next generation induction tool, which streamlines the process of employee induction.

  • Technologies used: MVC5 & Azure

Security Intrusion response: Worked With an Australian Web Content Management Solutions (CMS) development company on uncovering the source and techniques used in order to compromise their CMS platform.

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