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Cindy Wang

PA / Office Manager


B.Eco - International Economics & Trade
I believe in studying hard and always keeping the approach consistent. This way you and the team get more quality and are more productive.
Cindy Wang

Cindy Wang

Background: Cindy is the PA to the General Manager at SSW's Beijing office. Her background was in Economics before she switched over and learnt how to really get productive using VB, SQL and HTML etc.

Work: Cindy is the only girl team member in the office and she works hard to keeps the boys in check. She is responsible for financial matters and administrative things to keep things running smoothly. She likes to provide support to the guys to ensure there are no road blocks and the office operates smoothly.

She has received her most thanks from the guys, when she has organized the team activities like pingpong games and basketball games.

Much of the day is spent doing content editing changes and loves the SharePoint 2007 site. She gets by with TFS and wishes TFS web access is perfect.

Future Goals: Now, her goal is to learn more about using workflows in SharePoint and get a handle on .NET.

Hobbies: She likes watching films and playing tennis. **  **Favourite Quote: Her favourite quote is "Where there is a will, there is a way."

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