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Danijel Malik

Solution Architect, Code Auditor Product Owner


Software is like music. Easy to use but hard to write.
Danijel Malik

Danijel Malik



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Certification microsoft developer webapps
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Danijel is a DevOps mastermind who can make your DevOps cycle run like a well-oiled machine. With a wide range of technical skills and a deep desire to understand the client's business first, Danijel is the person you can always rely on to get the best solution.

As Solution Architect, he has been involved in numerous projects built on Microsoft Stack that range from the manufacturing sector to medical services to taxes.

At SSW, Danijel runs some internal projects including being the Product Owner for SSW Code Auditor
With an eye on bleeding edge technologies, he is always one step ahead and loves sharing his experience at user groups, conferences, SSW Rules (e.g. Do you share code using packages?) and SSW TV videos.

Danijel is also a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio ALM.

Some of his client projects include:

  • Carnival Australia - Cruise Control
    **Carnival Australia celebrated many successful projects with SSW over the last few years. Due to such a great partnership, they wanted SSW to support their Cruise Control application, which is one of the key websites for P&O. Danijel stepped in and took the project to the next level: besides coding Danij el transformed their processes and moved them from a ticketing system in SharePoint to Scrum with TFS. The month long release cycles were replaced with Continuous Delivery and fully automated deployments to production every few days.
    Related Technologies: TFS, Octopus Deploy, ASP.NET WebAPI, ServiceStack
  • Estate Master - TFS Migration & Release Management
    Danijel's push was to migrate all their code (from TFS 2008 and Visual SourceSafe) to Visual Studio Online. Danijel also established a Continuous Delivery practice where each check-in resulted in a new setup package. The client was ecstatic.
    Related Technologies: VSO, PowerShell, Advanced Installer
  • EMA - Scrum Training
    EMA is a Slovenian client who was looking for optimization of th****eir work processes. SSW provided with technical advice for their hardware, firmware, and software. Tailored Scrum training also was provided.
    Related Technologies: Visual Studio Team Services, Scrum
  • IP Payments - TFS Training
    The client received customized training around TFS & ALM, to understand the product's capabilities and options for embracing DevOps.
    Related Technologies: TFS
  • Brisbane Catholic Education - Student Protection
    SSW has built numerous applications for Brisbane Catholic Education including Student Protection. Student Protection is a system that handles all complex processes for protection of their students in a nice, modern web application powered by heavy workflows.
    Related Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS, SQL Server
  • **IRI Aztec - MSI Setup
    **Aztec's primary pain was in building and delivery of their software. Danijel customized their new TFS Build pipeline on TFS to produce 6 MSI Packages as part of the build. Each package now has a unique UI and product configuration logic.
    Related Technologies: TFS, Advanced Installer, PowerShell
  • PwC - Comply First Time
    PwC engaged SSW to help move their flagship business tax reporting platform from Access and SQL server to a modern Angular web application.
    Related Technology: MVC5, SignalR, SQL Server 2012, AngularJS, Azure

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