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Liam Elliott

Solution Architect


Certified Scrum Master

Liam Elliott


.NET MVC | React | Angular | Azure | .NET Core | .NET | Scrum | Universal Windows Platform (UWP built on XAML) | HTML5 | TFS | Ionic | GitHub

Developer angular

Developer react

Liam is a SSW Solution Architect who builds enterprise applications on the Azure platform. He has vast experience with modern enterprise applications and his recent projects use ASP.NET Core Web Api's with frontends on both Angular and React.

Like many of his peers, Liam’s first memories of a computer were with a Commodore 64, writing programs in BASIC (Goto statements and all). His love for computers evolved into hacking the games in QBASIC. Since 2005 Liam’s passion has been developing on the .NET platform. He shares his experience for modern technologies through user groups and training events.

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