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Mark Hetherington

Scrum and Agile Coach


BSc. (Hons) Computer Science, London University
"We work efficiently on the right things in a visible way". If you really do this properly, your customers, whether internal or external, will have no reason to ever complain.
Mark Hetherington

Mark Hetherington

When we need to affect major large transformations to the use of Scrum and Agile, we call on the services of Mark Hetherington.

Mark is the Scrum Coach advising SSW. He advises projects and our customers on the best processes and tools to organise work efficiently to an agile and/or Scrum process.

Mark has acquired these skills over the last 20+ years. Before such tools existed, he wrote his first tracking and work scheduling system in 1986. Since then he has helped start over six software organisations growing three of them to over 100 staff. He knows which tools & processes and organisational structure to choose to suit the culture, budget, size, maturity and resources of an organisation.

His last ten years have all been in Agile/Scrum environments.

Mark has found that his value lies in setting up or improving the agile/Scrum processes and tools of an organisation and, once they are in place, he is hardly needed. This is why he has found he is more effective as a consultant rather than an employee; he simply works himself out of a job.

Some of Mark's career highlights have been:

  • Implementing SCRUM at Symantec. 
  • Transformed and implemented Scrum at MLC Online.
  • CTO for a social networking product that arrived a little too late but had great technology on Web, iPhone, J2ME and Android; all with agile process.
  • CIO for an advertising platform that delivered thousands of adverts per second in China; all with agile processes. 
  • As CTO, transformed World Gaming software development organisation using agile processes. 
  • CEO for his own Internet startup that won a prestigious Consensus Software Award in 2003 but was a commercial failure (good lessons learned); all with agile processes. 
  • CTO for the first airborne internet server that provided email to aircraft passengers; using Rational Unifed Process, a forerunner to Agile. 
  • CTO for the software used in the first certified Internet Gaming site in Australia 
  • CTO for the initial RSVP service (now the largest online dating site in Australia)
  • Deployed the first online "scratchie" on the Internet 
  • As founder and then director, grew the Australian Centre for Unisys Software from scratch to over 200 staff in six locations and three countries. 
  • Developed a sophisticated resource tracking and incident handling system for Merseyside Police (Liverpool, UK) in 1982 that still runs today 

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