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Nick Wienholt

Solution Architect


BEng (Hons), MEng
To forget one's purpose is the commonest form of stupidity. Friedrich Nietzsche
Nick Wienholt

Nick Wienholt

Nick is a DevOps Architect with a passion for weaving together the magic of Data Science with the traditional world of software delivery and operations management. With a background in C++ and C# development at large financial institutions, the interaction of software, people and operations across the software lifecycle at scale now holds Nick's professional attention. By combining the promise of data science within the DevOps lifecycle, the potential for increased software reliability and predictability is now a real possibility.

With over a decade of involvement in the architecture, development and service management of Australia's most heavily trafficked retail banking, business banking and retail stock broking websites, Nick has had extensive first-hand experience of the needs of software at scale across the product development and operational lifecycle. As a deeply committed practicalist, Nick believes in small incremental, measured steps to improve software craftsmanship.

Nick has also had an extensive career as an author with over a hundred published articles across MSDN, CodeGuru and Australian Developer, and has been the author or co-author of three published technical books. He has presented at numerous conferences including TechEd and was awarded the MVP award for .NET, C# and C++.

Outside of work, Nick is a keen runner, backcountry skier and kayaker.

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