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Peter Gfader

Solution Architect


MSc, Diplom Ingenieur, Dipl.Ing
Carpe diem, et noctem.
Peter Gfader

Peter Gfader



  MCPD windev rgb 505

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MCTS Web applications
MCPD Web developer

Peter is a Solution Architect at SSW that mixes Scrum experience with development techniques like XP and Agile.

Peter is an active developer who enjoys different sports like running, climbing, cycling (MTB / Road), hiking, swimming and surfing.

Peter has worked wth different clients with a lot of different technologies:

  • An eCommerce website for a well established Australian retailer

Tuning the performance of an existing website without touching the code was a tough challenge. Server was IIS 6 on Windows Server 2003 and a ASP.NET v1.1 web app.

Additionally, we did some performance tuning of the in house developed website. Reduced the average page load ~10 times.
From an average of 4 seconds down to ~0.42 seconds per page

  • **NRMA **

ASP.NET Dynamic Data application providing funding for Community Grants and Reporting with SQL 2005 back end.

  • An Australian Utilities Company

This utilities company needed an automated and easy to use Rostering and Employee management system to replace their current spreadsheet based system. The system was to manage all the engineers across NSW.
Related Technology: Silverlight 2.0, ASP.NET 3.5, Dynamic Data, LINQ to SQL, WCF REST, SQL Server 2005, Reporting Services


Existent Webforms 2.0 application needed some bug fixes and code tuning to cope for future changes. By creating unit tests and applying major refactorings the code is easier to maintain in the future and adding new features is easy again

  • **PDS **

Existing client application was hard to maintain and write plugins for. We changed this by providing them with an easy to use application framework that is fully pluggable in VB.NET.

  • **Elcom Technology **

The existent search solution for an ASP.NET web application was very slow and not very accurate. Peter solved this by implementing a search portal based on LINQ2SQL and SQL Server Fulltext search

  • MIP

On site teaching of Reporting services at FirstData

  • PeakSolutions

Training in C#, .NET and best practices for a new line of business application

  • UTS

Peter can also be found teaching UTS Short Courses in .NET, SQL Server 2008

More information about Peter, can be found on his personal homepage. Check out Peters blog for solutions, tips + tricks to common .net troubles

"If it ain't broke, take it apart and fix it."

"or use Unit tests"

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