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Tri-Hanh Pham

Senior Software Architect


Masters in Computer Science, Masters in Project Management
In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion.
Tri-Hanh Pham

Tri-Hanh Pham

Tri is a Senior Software Architect at SSW

With 10 years of experience in software development across multiple industries like Market Research, Multimedia, Banks/Insurance, Tri has worked on every stage of the SDLC.

Tri is a Full Stack Developer from back-end (using native SQL or an ORM like Entity Framework) to the front-end (using native Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS with HTML/CSS) but he also has experience developing Desktop Applications using Winforms, Excel or Access with VBA.

Tri's projects include:

  • Long Service Corporation - Worker Portal**

Long Service Corporation engaged SSW to redesign and refactor their Worker Portal application, used by workers to download their statements. This application will be extented to include claims for workers. The new software design of the application includes multiple services which can be shared between projects.

Related Technology: ASP.Net MVC, Entity Framework, WebAPI, TypeScript, jQuery

  • South East Water - OneAsset**

South East Water engaged SSW to modernized their web application used for monitoring their assets.

Related Technology: AngularJS, WebAPI, highcharts

  • Ipsos - Australian Post

Australian Post wanted to automate their process used for

  • Processing 2 data files into one singe file
  • Export that file into a sFTP
  • Generate PDF files

Related Technology: Console App, Entity Framework, Crystal Report

  • Ipsos - Qualitative Recruitment

Ipsos needed a web application to help Ipsos users to book slot for their panel for phone interviews Related Technology: WebAPI, Entity Framework - Code First, Angular, HTML, CSS / Bootstrap, Dimensions (Data Collection System)

  • Ipsos **- **Paysheet application

Complete rewriting of their Paysheet application to make it compatible with 64 bits and improve their performance

Related Technology: WebAPI, Entity Framework, Angular, HTML, CSS / Bootstrap, WinForms

  • HarvestThe.Net**
    HarvestThe.Net is a software development company specialised in cloud-based applications. One of their product is a web portal used for:Centralise your production music contentSimplify your distribution processStandardise your metadataProvide music search services to your clientsRelated Technology: HTML, CSS, jQuery, .Net WebForms, Ado.Net, SQL,

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