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Jean Thirion

Solution Architect


MCSD - SharePoint Applications - App Builder
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Jean Thirion


Office 365 | Angular | SharePoint | .NET Core | React | .NET MVC | Azure | SharePoint Framework (SPFX) | Kendo UI | Ionic | Vue | CSS

Developer angular

Developer react

Certification microsoft developer sharepoint

Certification microsoft developer app builder
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Jean is a SSW Solution Architect. His main fields of expertise are SharePoint Applications, Angular, React and .NET Core.

His deep knowledge of SharePoint's many capabilities, combined with the latest technologies (Angular, React, SPFx), let him propose high-quality tailored SharePoint Applications to clients.

Jean has been working with SharePoint for the past 7 years, in France, Luxembourg, and now Australia. He has been involved with a wide variety of projects, from small companies to international firms, in both private and public sectors.

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Jean and Brendan at the Angular Superpowers Tour - Brisbane

When he is not leveraging this knowledge to develop client applications, Jean is one of SSW's Angular trainers, running the Angular Superpowers Tour and the Angular 2 Day Workshop that travels across Australia.

Jean is highly motivated, with strong technical skills, which allows him to understand and convert complex business requirements into software solutions. He is also able to use his expertise and experience to suggest best practices applicable for any given scenario.

SharePoint Third Party tools & Add-ons:

  • PNP Libraries & provisioning engine
  • SPFX
  • Nintex Workflows / MS PowerAutomate
  • AvePoint / ShareGate

Jean's Internal Projects:

  • Rules.SSW - Developed a state of the art new SSW website to take 12,000 ASP.NET pages into a SharePoint public site. This site took advantage of SharePoint’s document management, version control and publishing workflow. This new site gave SSW editors a substantially better experience and their website visitors a better user experience.
    Related Technologies: SharePoint, ASP.NET, C#, XML, JQuery, Web Services, TFS and SQL Server.
  • SharePoint intranet - This SharePoint site is used by all SSW employees to store shared resources and provide project management, internal administrative and global search functionality.
    Related Technologies: SharePoint, SPFX, React, C#, Web Services and SQL Server.


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