Are your Developers Managing your Projects with TFS (with proven Agile/Scrum and ALM Strategies)?

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Team Foundation Server is the fully integrated solution to manage projects, giving developers, testers and management a single source of truth for all project needs.

Project Managers and stakeholders will love:

  • TFS's integration with code/SQL/SharePoint which provides a dashboard with project reports, giving them greater visibility of the project status and burn down lists
  • The easily customization of the data using Excel Web Services

Developers will love:

  • TFS 2010 for the SQL and SharePoint Server Explorer and the integration of viewing, creating and deploying
  • That they don't have to try to interpret a bug report from a tester, and then they have to reproduce it. Why? Because of Intellitrace, which allows you to double click and open to the exact line of code with the variables set.
  • Seamless source control
  • No waiting for compiling and tests to run. The integration with the build server (continuous integration) is the biggest productivity boost you can give a developer
  • SharePoint Wiki

Testers will love:

  • The many ways of automating their manual tests via:

    • Web tests
    • Performance tests
    • And the jewel in the crown, Coded UI Tests
  • The fact they never have to spend time reproducing a bug before documenting it
  • And it gets better, they don't have to document it because testing tools recorded what they did
  • Later on, when they decide to go with Lab Manager they will never spend time setting up that special environment (say running windows 95 and IE6)

Managing your SharePoint Projects with TFS (with proven Agile/Scrum and ALM Strategies)

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