Do you know when to call first before emailing?

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To prevent downtime while waiting for a response from a client, or the topic in an email needs to be discussed immediately, you should always call first before emailing.

Video: Resolving conflict - call before emailing

Calling first can save valuable time versus waiting for someone to respond to your email, making you more productive. Calling first also saves time when discussing topics that are easier explained over the phone. (Do you seek clarification via the telephone first?)

When you need to contact someone, the steps you should take are:

  1. If possible, ping them on IM asking "Can I talk to you"
  2. Call them
  3. If you do not get through, leave a voice message and send an email starting with “As per the voicemail I left for you…"
  4. After talking with the person, follow up with an email that begins with the words "As per our conversation"

It is very unlikely a client will complain because you contact them too often, but it is likely they will if you only ever email, so do not be afraid of calling first before emailing.

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