Do you know the ASP.NET skills that do not translate (aka are different) ?

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ASP.NET is file system driven, whilst SharePoint is database driven. All SharePoint content and meta data comes from a database, including images, HTML, Master Page, etc. SharePoint provides a framework where components can be plugged in, and as a result these areas are improved out-of-the-box:

  • Security model, membership, permissions.
  • The UI framework becomes relatively consistent.
  • Menus, navigation, and site maps.
  • Administration of access i.e., site owners can change permissions for that site – without the need for administrators.

Deployment model is very different:

  • ASP.NET has MSI file or XCopy deployment – individual server.
  • SharePoint deployment is via Solution Package – but goes cross-site farms.
  • Deployment is both declarative in (XML format), as well as in code with Feature and Event receivers.


  • ASP.NET is mostly done in Visual Studio .NET.
  • SharePoint development is split among:

    • Internet Explorer – SharePoint configurations (note: non-IE browsers remain 2nd level and isn’t as good as IE with SharePoint)
    • Microsoft SharePoint Designer – SharePoint HTML page design and customization
    • Visual Studio .NET – custom web parts, custom workflows, solution packages
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