Do you gather insights from company emails?

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The emails exchanged within your company are more than just communication tools, they are a rich source of data. By analyzing and interpreting this data, you can:

  1. Gain insights into a company's operations
  2. Detect bottlenecks (nobody likes to get blocked)
  3. Better distribute workload
  4. Make strategic decisions

Video: Transforming Company Data into Epic Insights ✨ | Isabel Sandstroem | SSW EagleEye (4 min)

Emails should follow a set of email rules that make communication consistent and structured. When emails have standard format and content, data analysis is possible.

Figure: Good example - We can see that Uly checked more emails than anyone else in the company

Actionable insights

Collecting data is great, but if you're not creating actionable insights, you're missing out on the real value. Here are some examples of actionable insights you can gain from analyzing company emails:

Workload distribution

Through analyzing company emails, one can assess whether tasks and responsibilities are allocated evenly across teams. Some rules capturing these emails:

Project management

Email analysis can reveal insights into project timelines, milestones, and communication patterns. Some rules capturing these emails:


By examining email exchanges with clients and trends in customer enquiries. Some rules capturing these emails:


Finding engineers that talk time frames and $. Some rules capturing these emails:


Finding people that have efficient meetings. Some rules capturing these emails:


So many problems in business come down to a lack of clear and effective communication. Some rules capturing these emails:

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