Do you know how to make content changes on GitHub?

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Some websites use GitHub to manage their content (e.g. SSW Rules). GitHub makes reviewing changes easy through "Pull Requests".

A Pull Request is a request to make changes to 1 or more files. GitHub provides out of the box functionality for reviewing changes in a pull request. This process is as follows:

  1. Open the Pull Request
  2. Examine the changes using the tabs:

    • Conversations: Comments people have made about the change
    • Commits: Summary of the changes the requester has made
    • Checks: You can ignore this if you are not a developer
    • Important - Files changed: See the difference between the old and new files being changed. Red highlighting indicates deleted parts and green highlighting indicates added parts.
      This visual preview of the changes to a markdown file is accessed via Files changed | Display the rich diff

Figure: Reviewing tabs in a GitHub Pull Request

Figure: The view via "Display the rich diff" button

  1. Approve OR ask for changes

    a. Go to Files changed | Review changes
    b. Select an option:

    • Choose "Approve" to mark it as ready to go live
      Add a comment with feedback (if necessary)
    • Choose "Comment" for general feedback when PR it's not ready for approval
    • Choose "Request changes" for mandatory changes to the PR

    c. Press "Submit review" so that the requester can see it

Figure: Steps for submitting a Pull Request review

  1. Done - your review has been submitted ⭐
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