Do you configure your GitHub Notifications?

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Notifications from GitHub can be quite a pain, as they send a lot of emails. This leads to many developers ignoring the important emails they receive.


Figure: Bad example - lots of notifications

To reduce this spam and to make the notifications have value, make sure to configure your GitHub Notifications.

watching notification
Figure: Good example - Turn off Watching settings

Turning off Watching notifications significantly reduces the number of spam emails you receive. With this setting, you won't get notified about actions like PR approvals or comments that aren't related to you.

actions notification
Figure: Good example - Workflow notification settings

The important one here is to make sure the item marked Send notifications for failed workflows only is checked, so that you receive emails for failures in your deployments.


You often want to receive emails when you’re @mentioned or someone requests your review on a pull request, but you probably don’t want to then subscribe to every future thing that happens about it.

You can add a rule in Outlook to automatically delete these:

outlook configuration
Figure: How to configure the rule in Outlook

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