How do you deploy SharePoint?

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We use SSWPackage.exe

The long answer:

Deploying changes between development, staging and production servers can be a very interesting exercise:

  • It is painstakingly awkward when you realize that you have forgotten a file
  • Or forgotten to take the latest version of a particular file
  • Each iteration is manual and can be error prone
  • The result is that your developers are working late into the evening and your SharePoint servers are down for a prolonged period of time – something that may be very difficult to accept in a corporate environment

At SSW, we saw all this was unacceptable and work to improve this process.

Our answer to the deployment problem is a combination of tools and processes – we call it the SSWpackage.exe

  • **Multiple development virtual machine environments **

    • Test repeated deployment to staging before you actually deploy to the production server
  • SSW SharePoint Deployment Auditor – compares development, staging and production servers to identify missing files that needs to be deployed

    • Specify ignore lists
    • Spits out XML code that would be easy to add to your package xml
  • SSW Package Updater – updates the solution package based on the XML definitions

    • Ensure you always have the latest version of the files from development SharePoint included in your package.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio extensions for Windows SharePoint Services

    • Using the latest VSeWSS 1.3 CTP
    • Generates the package and batch files
  • SharePoint STSADM tool for deployment

Into the future of SSWPackage.exe

  • Fully continuous integration with SharePoint
  • More SharePoint validation functions
  • Improved versioning control
  • A great GUI to bring it all together
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