Do you to keep a PBI's current status visible?

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As PBIs evolve, it's common for their initial descriptions to become outdated or for significant developments to occur that must be recorded for the benefit of the entire team.

Whenever a PBI necessitates an update, the team should add a comment to the issue, detailing the change or event.

bad example lots of non descriptive comments
Figure: Bad example - Lots of non-descriptive comments cluttering the issue.

good example adding context via comment
Figure: Good example - Extra context added via comment.

In cases where an update is long standing or important, it should be appended to the bottom of the issue description. This update must include the date it was made, serving as a chronological record of changes. In addition, a comment should be left on the issue thread to inform team members that significant information has been added to the issue.

Re-assigning the PBI? You don't need to comment or change the PBI description. GitHub and Azure DevOps both track this via the "Assignees" field and audit changes.

good example update
Figure: Good example - Important information added to the issue itself with a comment.

It's also important to CC anyone who may need to see this additional information.

good example cc in issue
Figure: Good example - Important users CC'd within the issue but addressed to the team.

good example cc in comment
Figure: Good example - Important users CC'd within comments added extra context.

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