Do you know how to migrate Reporting Services reports?

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Figure: How to migrate SSRS reports from an old server to another

Let's say you want to migrate SSRS reports from an old reporting service server (e.g. SQL Server 2008 R2) to a new one (e.g. SQL Server 2016). What involves?

There are 3 steps:

Step 1: Find the reports that don't need to be migrated

  • Find those reports are not-in-use, as per a rule: Do you know which reports are being used?
  • Find creators of those reports, by clicking “Detail Views” in reports folder

    Figure: Find reports creators by clicking "Details View" inside report folder

  • Send an email to report creater ask for permission to delete

    Figure: Send an email to ask permission

    Figure: Email received with permission to delete from creator

2. Migrate those in-use reports from old server to new server

Tip: Use the ReportSync tool to save time.

3. Check audit results

  • Run SSW SQL Reporting Service Auditor on both sides
  • Compare audit results. Note that even error and warning messages also need to be the same

If audit results are exactly the same on old and new servers, it indicates that migration is successful.

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