Do you confirm there is no checked out files?

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One of the annoying things with SharePoint document and page libraries is that users often accidentally leave checked out files, that prevents others from modifying them.

Suggestion to Microsoft: send an email to the user to remind them they have outstanding checkouts potentially blocking other users.

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Figure: Here Greg Harris has not checked in a file

There are 2 ways to remind users of their "checked out files":

  • Solution A: Use Powershell scripts (see sample)
  • Solution B: Custom application report (Includes some low-code work) E.g. SSW.Dory

Solution A. Powershell scripts

  1. Create a new PowerShell Script
#Config Variables
$SiteURL = ""
$CSVFilePath = "C:\Temp\CheckedOutFiles.csv"
#Connect to PnP Online
Connect-PnPOnline -Url $SiteURL -Credentials (Get-Credential)
#Get all document libraries
$CheckedOutFiles = @()
$DocumentLibraries = Get-PnPList | Where-Object {$_.BaseType -eq "DocumentLibrary" -and $_.Hidden -eq $False}
#Iterate through document libraries
ForEach ($List in $DocumentLibraries)
    Write-host "Processing Library:"$List.Title -f Yellow
    #Get All Checked out Files of the library
    $FilesCheckedOut = Get-PnPListItem -List $List -PageSize 500 | Where {$_["CheckoutUser"] -ne $Null}
    #Collect data from each checked-out file
    ForEach ($File in $FilesCheckedOut) 
        $CheckedOutFiles += [PSCustomObject][ordered]@{
            Library         = $List.Title
            FileName        = $File.FieldValues.FileLeafRef
            CheckedOutTo    = $File.FieldValues.CheckoutUser.LookupValue
            Location        = $File.FieldValues.FileRef
#Export Checked out Files data to CSV File
$CheckedOutFiles | Export-Csv -Path $CSVFilePath -NoTypeInformation

To run the script against your entire tenant, see sample

  1. Run the PowerShell script
  2. Go chase after the users.

Solution B. Custom application report (Includes some low-code work)

Learn more: SSW.Dory

To make reminding users easier, we have created a Power Automate flow called SSW.Dory that will find checked out files and send out a notification email to all the naughty people automatically every day.

Figure: An example of the reminder email that all users receive

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