Does your company contribute to open source?

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Open-sourcing software has become increasingly popular for companies as it can help them innovate, attract talent, and build a good reputation. It also helps the community by providing free software that can be used by anyone.

Some good examples of companies that open source their code are:

🧱 Collaboration

Open-sourcing opens your project to a broad range of people with unique skillsets can help accelerate your project's innovation. It also allows you to leverage the work of others to help your project grow. Every time someone submits a PR fixing a bug, you are getting free software development.

🔗 Networking

Being a part of the developer community is a great way to discover potential employees. If a developer has been using a company's open source code for years, they are more likely to want to join and keep using that code.

👨‍🏫 Demonstrate

Making your code public shows confidence in your service and can be a great oppurtunity to demonstrate your company's skills and practices.

🤝 Sharing solutions

Open-sourcing your code doesn't have to mean making your whole project public. You can take small chunks of code and make them generic enough so they're useful to others.
Examples of this are:

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