Pull Requests - Do you use and indicate Draft Pull Requests?

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The use of Draft Pull Requests is a handy practice to indicate work in progress promoting early collaboration and continuous feedback. This approach enhances code quality, reduces duplication, and helps to maintain a transparent and efficient development pipeline. Creating Draft Pull Requests will also trigger GitHub Workflows so developers get early feedback on the quality of their changes.

Draft Pull Requests are less effective if they are not clearly marked as Draft, as is the case on GitHub. To make them clearer, use a naming convention like 🚧 WIP: {{PR Title}} to clearly show that it is a Draft Pull Request.


github bad example
Figure: Bad example - The default experience lacks clear indication that this is Draft Pull Request

github good example
Figure: Good example - Add prefix with 🚧 emoji to clearly indicate it is a Draft Pull Request

If you want to go one step further, you can add the WIP App to your repo. The WIP App prevents the merging of Pull Requests with "WIP" in their title. When you are ready to go, you just remove the WIP prefix.

github wip
Figure: Good example - WIP app catching Draft Pull Request

Azure DevOps

devops good example
Figure: Good example - Clear naming and indication of a draft pull request

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