Do you use Report Server Project?

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When working with SSRS reports, you need to have the right type of project otherwise it will be difficult for a developer, to create new reports or update existing ones.

If you have some reports and want to check them into source control, if you add them to project that is not a report project, your reports will not open in the design/preview view (allowing to see the DataSource and DataSets). They will open in the XML view (which is not pretty to work with).

report server project1
Figure: Bad example – C# project with reports opening as XML

To open the reports in the right view you will need to:

  1. Be sure that you VS has the tool/extensions Microsoft Reporting Services Projects installed, go to Tools | Extensions and Updates | Online, and search for services

report server project2
Figure: Checking Microsoft Reporting Services Projects is installed

report server project3

  1. Add existing reports and create your new DataSource (based in the information on your Report Portal)

report server project4
Figure: Good Example – Report Server project with reports opening in the design/preview view

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