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  • Improve your understanding of your projects
  • Give your client better view of the progress
  • Control your budget easily
  • Deliver your product on time

Do you want to have a better understanding of your project progress? SSW Agile Template is built on top of MSF Agile Template, and it has customized work item types to help you track your project as well as identify issues. Check our Rules to Better Project Management with TFS for more details.

Key Features & Benefits

SSW Agile Template allows you:

  • Manage requirements and import work items from outlook email
  • Manage baseline and track actual vs. estimate
  • Classify task as 'Additional Item'

BaseLine Baseline tracking With our SSW Agile Template task work item, you can enter baseline work for each task; together with Remaining work and Completed work, it allows you to track your progress and budget usage.
Additional Task Additional Task Additional requirement is common in software project, however this kind of task will affect your delivery schedule and blow out your budget; using SSW Agile Template, you can put additional task into different category, which allow the project manager track these sensitive items easily.
URL URL Link your work item with the actual URL of the website page; this is especially useful when you have a big amount of pages to maintain.
Description, Support HTML Description, support HTML HTML is extremely useful to describe the requirement; the old MSF Agile template doesn’t allow you to use HTML in your description, we finally have this fixed in our template.
Release Plan Report Release Plan Report Release plan report will give you an overview of the project, and help the project manager have a better idea of the work load. View our sample report on our real project SSW Code Auditor.
Progress Report Release Update Report Client involvement is one of the key factors in Agile Development Process, SSW Release Update Report can easily help your client to understand the progress as well as help the project managers to identify issues and take action. View our sample report on our real project SSW Agile Template.

Getting Support

If you can't find it in the product documentation then check our knowledge base for further information and tips about this product.

If you think that one of our rules is incorrect then please tell us about it.

Please send us bug reports and feedback so that we can evolve our software into a product that matches your requirements. We guarantee a response.