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Visual Studio add-in

User Guide

  1. Locate the new toolbar in Visual Studio.

    Figure: SSW Health Auditor toolbar

    Note: You will only see "Code Auditor Tutorial" if you have SSW Code Auditor installed.

  2. Select projects to scan in the Options window.

    Figure: Select projects to scan

  3. Specify the options of auditors, these settings will be saved for this solution.
    Code Auditor Setting
    Figure: Code Auditor settings for this solution

    FXCop Setting
    Figure: FxCop settings for this solution

    Note: You will only see the options for Code Auditor and FxCop if you have them installed.

  4. For the best results, please check that the latest version of supported applications are installed.
    Check for Updates
    Figure: Check for updates.

  5. Click "Audit" to audit and analyze your project.

    Figure: Audit your project from Visual Studio environment.

  6. See audit results.
    Figure: Check audit results from Visual Studio output window.

  7. You can double click the audit result and it will take you to the code with error.
    Code to fix
    Figure: Double click the audit results in Visual Studio output window.

    Note: This feature depends on auditors. Currently only SSW Code Auditor has this feature.