Do you have consistent SharePoint Sites?

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It's important for all your SharePoint Sites to be as consistent as possible. This helps users' navigation through new pages as they know exactly where to look.

Following these simple rules makes this really easy:

  1. Put your preferred navigation in the same place (usually on the left-hand side)
  2. Keep the headings consistent
  3. Use icons for each type of link, so users easily know what to expect when clicking on a link (E.g. A Microsoft Word document is going to open a Word document) Aldo, a link to "Home" looks the same on every page.

Figure: Bad example - The page on the left has totally different navigation to the page on the right

Figure: Good example - Both pages looking consistent - common navigation elements in the same spot

Headings and icons consistency within a page

Figure: Bad example - There are no icons to help users on the left navigation + the headings are the different

navigation with webpart 1710232021932
Figure: Good example - Icons help users to know what files each link open on the left navigation + the headings are the same

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