Do you enable pull requests to ensure code is reviewed?

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Everybody strives to be perfect, but mistakes are normal, and it is easy for a developer to skim over errors when they've read their own code code hundreds of times!

Pull requests are the best way to ensure that two sets of eyes see every change - so the responsibility is never solely on the person writing the code.

When Pull Requests are enabled, developers must create a branch and make their changes on that branch. Then they submit a Pull Request to merge their changes back into main. Each pull request must be approved by another reviewer.

i will not write bad code
Figure: Bad example - Leaving the responsibility to each person to write perfect code

pull request diagram
Figure: Good example - Make Pull Requests required

github pullrequest 2
Figure: Pull requests also give version history for rejected code!

Useful resources - learn about Pull Requests

Video: What is a Pull Request? (3 min)

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