Do you know how to transform images with Photoshop Generative Fill?

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Adobe Photoshop’s AI-powered and prompt-based generative tool can turn a simple picture into anything you imagine.

Video: Generative Fill for Beginners (4 min)

Generative Fill is easy to use

  1. Select an object or area with any selection tool (lasso, marquee, magic wand, etc)
  2. Enter a prompt into the contextual taskbar that appears after your selection
  3. Click generate!
  4. Use the arrows in the taskbar to see some alternate variations, or press generate again until you see a result you like.

Tips and tricks

  • Leave the prompt blank and Generative Fill will use the area surrounding your selection to mask it away. Removing unwanted objects is that easy.
  • Be intentional with the size and shape of the selections you make. The tool will use this as extra information to interpret your prompts.
  • Generative Fill will create a new generative layer with the same name as your prompt. You can come back and alter the generated content at any time by selecting that layer.

Although there are still discussions around AI images and copyright, Generative Fill is powered by Adobe Firefly and designed for commercial use.

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