Do you know how to write an image prompt?

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Prompts are the instructions that you input. They can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Video: Advanced Midjourney V5.1 Guide (11 min) - Prompting

Prompting basics

A general prompt might be "an image of a sunset over the ocean," which tells the AI exactly what you're looking for.

Tip: When sharing an AI image, add the prompt to the image caption so others can see how you made it.

“A brown dog on a skateboard”

Figure: Good example - A basic prompt

A well-structured prompt often has more details, in the format “A {{ TYPE OF PICTURE }} of a {{ MAIN SUBJECT }}, {{ STYLE CUES }}”.

“A photograph of a robot, cartoon style”

Figure: Good example - A basic prompt with style cues.

You can add more even more detail to make a descriptive prompt by following this template:

{{ ADJECTIVE }}, {{ EMOTION }}, {{ SUBJECT }}, {{ STYLE }}, {{ COLOR }}

Figure: Good example - Use this prompt template!

Prompt length

Prompts that are too short do not give the AI enough information to create an image matching your idea. It is a good idea to be detailed with your prompts, but too much detail is equally likely to give the AI too many instructions, which "confuses" it and can reduce the acurracy.

"A landscape"

Figure: Bad example - A vague prompt like this gives an ambiguous image

"A snowy mountain landscape at sunset with warm hues in the style of a photograph"

Figure: Good example - A detailed and concise description, but not too long. This will provide the AI with specific elements to incorporate, resulting in an accurate image.

"A snowy mountain landscape at sunset... Majestic peaks rise high into the sky, their rugged outlines etched against the fading golden light. Adorned with a pristine layer of glistening snow, they stand as silent sentinels, towering over the vast expanse below. The snow-covered slopes cascade down in gentle curves, inviting adventurers and nature lovers alike. In the foreground, a small creek meanders through the snow-covered landscape, flowing steadily beneath a delicate layer of ice. Over the creek, a footbridge stretches, connecting the two banks. Two travelers cross the bridge, their footprints leaving a mark on the pristine snow. The frozen trees, adorned with icicles, stand like witnesses to the passage of time."

Figure: Bad example - This prompt is too long. It will probably just look like the one above!

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