Do you use parameters in your image prompts?

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Parameters allow you to control different aspects of the generated image via settings on the image generator. Most AI image generators have parameter options, and they can significantly affect the result.

  • Resolution: This defines the quality of the generated image. Higher resolution values will result in higher-quality images.
  • Randomness: This parameter influences the amount of random variation in the generated image. Higher randomness values may result in more unique or creative images, but they can also lead to images that deviate more from the initial prompt.
  • Aspect Ratio: Aspect ratio dictates the proportions of the image. For instance, you might choose a square (1:1) aspect ratio for social media posts, a landscape (16:9) ratio for video thumbnails, or a portrait (3:4) ratio for smartphone screens.
  • Style: Style refers to specifying a particular visual style for the image. This could be a certain artistic style (like "impressionistic" or "cubist"). The AI uses this information to guide the stylistic aspects of image generation.
  • Uploading: Most AI image generators allow you to upload an existing image so that the AI will create different variations of it.
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