Do you know when to use AI generated images?

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Imagine a scenario where your project requires unique artwork, but you're working with a tight budget or limited time. You don't have much bandwith to brainstorm artwork or search for what you need. In situations like this, experimenting with AI image generation can be a quick and productive solution.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Lowered Artwork Costs
  • Fast Experimentation
  • Accessibility

Video: A first look at Midjourney 5 and the ethics of AI image tech (3 min)

There are many cases when AI-generated images can come in handy:

  • Web Design - You can use AI to create unique background images, icons, and UI elements
  • Marketing Campaigns - AI can be a useful tool to help with social media graphics, newsletter images, and event promotions
  • Content Creation - You can use AI to add interesting visuals to blog posts, social media updates, and more.
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