Content - Do you know when to use Canva?

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Canva is an intuitive online tool for creating images and crafty digital designs and is particularly effective for designing engaging social media memes.

While Canva is a valuable design tool, it may not be suitable for every design requirement. It is essential to complement Canva with advanced design tools and occasionally integrate AI image generators for a comprehensive design approach.

Don't use Canva for complex designs

For intricate and complex designs requiring advanced editing or branding designers, professional software like Figma, Adobe Photoshop, or Illustrator is more appropriate.

Do not use AI-generated images for social media content, as the current quality is difficult to match professional style.
Note: This may be updated as AI imaging technology evolves.

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Figure: Bad example - Using Canva for a complex design

Use Canva for simple memes on social media

Canva is great for creating memes due to its vast library of images, icons, and easy-to-use text overlay features. When crafting memes for social media, Canva’s templates can be a quick and effective starting point.

good meme
Figure: Good example - Canva to create simple memes

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