Brisbane Catholic Education

Powerful, flexible, and easy to use

Video: SSW Case Study - Brisbane Catholic Education (2 mins)


Brisbane Catholic Education engaged SSW to build a strategic planning tool that would be powerful, flexible, and easy to use for all of their schools administrators across South-East Queensland.

We make complicated things simple

Using the Scrum methodology, we made sure that the most important parts of the system were built and tested first, ensuring transparency and value creation all the way through the development lifecycle.


When working in large organisations with many stakeholders, communication is key. By delivering early and often, ensuring a constant feedback cycle and engaging with staff across the organisation including senior management, stakeholders, testers and end-users, SSW ensured that the project delivered not just a great technical solution, but a solution that truly delighted the users.


Having engaged other software development companies previously, Brisbane Catholic Education were stunned by the rate at which SSW developers were able to convert ideas into quality working software, gather feedback and release to production. Since collaborating on Sparrow, BCE have successfully applied the knowledge and practices they learnt from SSW across many other projects for various divisions of the organisation.

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