EstateMaster Case Study

A fluid website based on CRM and SalesForce

EstateMaster develop a suite of powerful, flexible and easy-to-use property development, valuation and investment software packages, designed from the ground up by property professionals for property professionals.


EstateMaster wanted a good looking website, based upon a CMS so their marketing people could manage content. A dynamic client area was also needed, allowing clients to login and manage software licenses. A shopping cart was also required, allowing clients to purchase software products, pay for and generate license keys.

estate master landing page

Figure: EstateMaster Website Homepage


The website is heavily integrated with Salesforce, which contains EstateMaster's products and pricing data, along with custom invoicing processes which needed to be maintained. A process was created that refreshed products and pricing on a nightly basis, ensuring the website remained responsive while people were browsing. Additionally, a custom Salesforce authentication provider was created with controls allowing clients to view and edit license details directly into the license server.

estate master crm dashboard

Figure: EstateMaster Website Integration with CRM and SalesForce


The website has been released and is live to the public. Both the client and the development team were very satisfied with such a fluid website that is based upon the CRM and SalesForce.

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