Hearing Australia

A user-friendly and scalable solution that enhanced accessibility and efficiency

The Challenge 

Established in 1947, Hearing Australia has delivered specialized hearing care to Australians from diverse backgrounds and of every age. Their dedication extends to assisting an even broader nationwide audience, ensuring they remain connected to the people and life they love. Hearing Australia's mission is to provide world-leading research and hearing services for the well-being of all Australians. 

Hearing Australia's website, crucial for service access, was hindered by outdated infrastructure and design, limiting user engagement and service reach. Despite their mission, technical constraints prevented scalable, nationwide access to hearing care. 

Therefore, the Hearing Australia team sought to extend its reach and enhance UX by revamping its website. The goal was to improve access to services such as booking appointments, finding the nearest hearing center, and exploring hearing aid products, thereby ensuring Australians remain connected to the sounds and people they love. 

We make complicated things simple 

In collaboration with Hearing Australia, our development team devised a user-friendly and scalable solution that enhanced accessibility and efficiency across their platform. This resulted in a significant improvement in user engagement and operational performance.  

In delivering this solution, our team leveraged a comprehensive technology stack, detailed as follows: 

Content Management:

  • For content management, we utilized Kentico Xperience. This allowed features such as built-in analytics and A-B split testing.  

Server-Side Functionality:

  • To ensure enhanced performance and security, we employed ASP.NET Core with .NET 7, offering robust server-side functionality. 

Client-Side Interactions:

  • React was incorporated for dynamic client-side interactions to streamline appointment booking flow. 

Backend Technologies Integration:

  • Integration into the website was achieved for existing backend technologies, including Azure API Management (APIM), Azure Logic Apps, and third-party services like Twilio, Google Maps, and Dynamics 365 (which stores all hearing centers and appointments), as well as Google Analytics, through the use of provided API endpoints. 

Load and Soak Testing:

  • Load and soak tests were done with K6 to verify that the solution would meet their anticipated load demand. 
hearing australia website before

Figure: The website just before going live with the new version

hearing australia website after

Figure: The ✨new✨ Hearing Australia website


Enhanced UI and UX Design: The Hearing Australia website now boasts a more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interface, improving the overall user experience. This redesign makes it easier for users to access information and services. 

Streamlined Appointment Booking Flow: The booking process has been streamlined to be more straightforward and efficient, reducing the steps users need to take to secure an appointment.  

Improved Search for Hearing Centers: Enhanced customer experience in locating and booking hearing centers through browser geolocation service integration. Tools such as HotJar and Google Analytics were used to refine the booking process and increase conversion rate.

Refined UX Design for Hearing Products: The presentation and accessibility of Hearing products on the website have been improved, offering users a more engaging and informative browsing experience.

From the Client 

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with SSW on developing and launching our new website. Their team brought a refreshing blend of professionalism and friendliness to the table, establishing a positive and collaborative working environment that I wish I could experience every day. What truly set them apart was not just their evident expertise but also their unwavering commitment to going the extra mile. SSW didn't simply deliver exceptional web development; they took the initiative to provide constant valuable support to our team. They proactively jumped in whenever a challenge arose, offering practical advice and solutions on anything from how to effectively manage and launch a website project, to comprehensive CMS training and providing technical solutions to challenges that our internal IT team were struggling to overcome. Their contribution far exceeded what would be expected of the typical client-agency relationship and I feel lucky to have partnered with them.” 
- Kiriana Meha-Bettison 

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