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KNOWnoise – Managing and reducing the impact of noisy construction in communities

Video: SSW Case Study - Brisbane Catholic Education (2 mins)


Hutchison Weller, a company that focuses on managing the environmental impacts for their clients in the construction market, had a personalized noise management spreadsheet as part of their services that could be tailored for each client on Excel. Even though they had demand for this service, it was time-consuming to personalize it every time a new client signed-in for the service. Hutchison Weller knew they needed a new solution in order to keep selling their noise management consultancy.

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Hutchison Weller wanted KNOWnoise to save time, money and to greatly increase flexibility for project managers on linear infrastructure projects.

Their needs were some of these:

  • Besides that, Hutchison Weller's clients also needed flexibility in planning, particularly out-of-hours works, when they tend to have problems. Now there's no need to wait for a consultant to prepare a report
  • Direct their resources where needed most, being able to identify the worst impacts instantly
  • Identify specific receivers that may require notification or alternative accommodation, being able to save the community consultation team valuable time and to inform the community with a detailed understanding of the potential impacts previously of starting the project

More than just a predicted noise level, KNOWnoise now can provide the project team with:

  • The ability to assess virtually any combination of activity at any time or place
  • A built-in equipment list, that can be modified or augmented
  • Detailed prediction results identifying exceedances, cumulative impacts and colour-coded risk profiles. This can also include ancillary facilities (compounds)
  • 'Impact maps' showing colour-coded noise predictions and risk profiles
  • A printable report for approval and record-keeping. It's also possible to export all results/report to Excel
  • Calendar-based scheduling and management
  • Advice on compliance and control measures based on results and conditions of approval, Environment Protection Licenses or other licence or permit obligations


KNOWnoise was re-developed as a web application and deployed within 3 months. This application was built using Angular and NgRx in the frontend. The backend was developed using .Net Core, hosted on Azure, and following the Clean Architecture principles.


KNOWnoise now allows managers to model noise impacts on neighbourhoods surrounding noisy construction sites such as NorthConnex, featured in this six-minute testimonial video. Additional positive impacts include improved community relations and regulatory compliance.

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