Do you know the best AI image generators?

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There is general consensus that Midjourney is the best tool. Behind Midjourney are DALLE-2 and StableDiffusion. Beware, if you are using any tool besides Midjourney, your images are likely to be noticeably less natural.


Midjourney is used on Discord, where users interact with the bot by typing /imagine.

Note: A Discord account is required first.

  • Cost: $8USD/month
  • Images can be reiterated on
  • Many parameters: Midjourney Parameter List e.g. “--aspect”
  • Prompting in Midjourney:

    • Even short prompts can produce beautiful images
    • Basic - /imagine cat
    • Specify an artistic medium – /imagine {{{ ANY ART STYLE }} style cat
    • Get specific – /imagine {{ STYLE }} sketch of a cat
    • Time travel – /imagine {{ DECADE }} cat illustration
    • Emote – /imagine {{ EMOTION }} cat
    • Be colorful – /imagine {{ COLOR WORD }} colored cat
    • Explore environments – /imagine {{ LOCATION }} cat

red tree midjourney2
Figure: "A red tree in a valley. Hi res" - by Midjourney


DALL-E is an AI system capable of creating realistic images from a natural language description.

  • Uses a credit system where users purchase credits to use the model
  • Some OpenAI users get free credits each month

red tree dalle
Figure: "A red tree in a valley. Hi res" - by DALL-E2

Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI gets compared to Midjourney for its focus on concept art and imagination. You can use it by creating a free account at Some of Leonardo's unique features are:

  • Great website UI
  • Incredibly customiseable, with many different models and parameters avaliable
  • Built-in image editor
  • Built-in prompt generator to help you make the best prompt

red tree leonardo
Figure: "A red tree in a valley. Hi res" - by


DreamStudio is made by StabilityAI and is used, like DALLE2, on a web interface. It is based on the Stable Diffusion model of image generation.

You can use the demo here for free Stable Diffusion Web, or you can use it through the DreamStudio interface (starting with a free trial).

  • You can use the web demo without signing up
  • Easy customization of parameters on the interface (e.g., style, aspect ratio)

red tree dreamstudio
Figure: "A red tree in a valley. Hi res" - by DreamStudio

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